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5 Costly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of work, skill, sacrifice, commitment and wisdom. However, there is something extra that one needs to become a better entrepreneur and increase their chances of entrepreneurial success. This is a knowledge of the mistakes to never make as an entrepreneur. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 costly mistakes entrepreneurs make in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Doing Search Engine Optimization on Your Own
SEO might seem pretty straightforward as it’s basically about finding and using the right keywords for Google to rank it near top searches; this is to increase the chances of your business being seen by potential customers. In theory, SEO is indeed simple and straightforward,
however the practical implementation of it is a lot more complex. This is because the rules of SEO are constantly changing and after eventually figuring out the whole process, you still need to be careful to find a balance between doing too little SEO and too much SEO. SEO requires time and a lot of attention to be successful, and you just might fall short in this area while simultaneously trying to run the core of your business. You’ll need to hire a very good SEO consultant to take the reigns of this part of your business.

Trying To Do It All By Yourself
You should understand that you can’t do it all by yourself and there are those who are more skilled in certain areas than you are. You need to leverage on the strengths of these people and combine with your strength to make your entrepreneurial venture a success. Trying to do it all by yourself can lead to avoidable mistakes that can be detrimental to your entrepreneurial success.

Being Impatient
Taking risks is far different from looking for trouble, and that’s what an impatient entrepreneur would be doing. Rome wasn't built in a day and everything needs time to develop, so an entrepreneur should avoid trying to rush his/her growth process with rushed and risky operations and investments. Entrepreneurs need to have a thorough understanding of their business and their business growth to help them better learn to be patient with their business.

Being Too Confident
Confidence is different from arrogance and recklessness. Entrepreneurs need to understand that there is a fine line between the two and tread carefully.

Not Being Adaptable
Today’s business climate is ever-changing and it is important for an entrepreneur to learn to be adaptable if he/she wants his/her business to survive. As much as you should go with what is working now, you also need to explore new options so that you can be ready to make changes in the future. In addition, entrepreneurs should not downplay the role of social media in helping to create visibility for their products. Social media is a cheap and effective tool for marketing your business to many customers online.


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