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Dear Men, Just Before You Take A Bow - Vivian Iyke-Obi

Vivian Iyke-Obi

"I love my wife", "My kids are my bundle of joy"; "My family is my world"... these and more I have heard them say.
These people who rock your world, what arrangements have you put in place for them in the event of your sudden exit?
"I don't want my wife to work, she should just sit at home and take care of my kids". That is fine but what happens when you suddenly take a bow?
Keeping that young woman as a full fledged housewife is not something to be proud of, because she starts loosing touch with her society and her sharp mind begins to go blunt.

When you suddenly take a bow, even with all your wealth, she will feel lost, hopeless and fearful.
Teach that lady a trade, let her acquire a skill, put her fingers and mind to work, allow her to brainstorm.... teach her self confidence.
Have you considered what she'd go through without your support before her in-laws especially if the relationship between them is soar even with your presence?
So, just before you take a bow, leave an ABC guideline within her reach even if not for her, but for your children.
Dead men don't write WILLS, they can't utter a word of command.
....... hurricane Vivian!