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Interracial / Inter-tribal Marriage A Taboo But Not Interracial/ Inter-tribal Sex Right?

Let's be true and make our world less complicated.

You are dating a babe, and sleeping with her then when it is time to marry, you 'sneak out' and go to marry your 'village girl'...then have loads of opinions why you cannot marry someone from her tribe.

I saw this 'iniquity' first as a 3rd year student in IMSU.
A friend of mine (babe) was so in love with this guy and they were an item. The guy wasn't a student and was so in love with her - He practically adored her.

On our way to the hostel one day, I said "it seems you will be the first to get married after our graduation" and she goes "i hope you don't mean with xyz (her boyfriend at the time) and then added "no way ooo, i am the first daughter from my royal xyz, and we cannot marry outside our tribe. I know marriage is on his mind but when we get there, I will discuss it with him".

In my Deeper life church mind then, I shrunk and could not understand why we go to lengths of having sex with someone from a "taboo tribe" but then deceive ourselves that as long as it is not marriage it is fine.

Growing up, I have seen this strange affinity and self deceit abound and even become a sort of norm....even people from taboo religions, taboo colours, taboo races, taboo ethnicity, and taboo confusion have sex at will.

Do you understand what the act of SEX is and involves?

Sex is a game e kwa?

Uncle Kontinu! You hear?

Mek I go my friend Femi's wedding jor....I even like him cos he is yoruba and marrying my Igbo sister today.

Argue with your qwerty....


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