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Jenny Chisom's 12 Codes of Conduct for Men That Rivals Any Male Code

It's been a tough past week so I am grateful for Sunday heralding a new week.

I have been burdened to create a Code of Conduct for members of the League of Extraordinary Men (LExM) on Facebook. So while I couldn't attend service, I sat down and wrote this down on my note pad, then typed it.

This came in a bid to begin to restructure the group to ensure it is serving the right purpose and the right men.


                                 The LExM Code

1. I am a man, made in the image and likeness of God therefore God is my boss.

2. I acknowledge that I am a human spirit, and blessed with a WILL to choose right from wrong but I choose to live right.

3. I wake up each day with a purpose to care for, lead, and inspire people in my immediate environment and also those in the jurisdiction of my life purpose.

4. I am neither weak, undisciplined, poor, clueless nor in the number of men society is trying to fix.

5. I do all things in moderation because I am a leader committed to being an example at all times.

6. I have a life plan, that guides my choices, goals, jobs, earnings and relationships with others and I commit to it daily, conscious that I am accountable to my boss.

7. I commit (if I choose to marry) to raise a family that will be a solution to our world. I will show them how to earn honest living, live fit and healthy, love God and exude love at all times.

8. I am conscious not to repeat the mistakes of Men I watched growing up and I commit to mentoring younger men too.

9. Money, Women, Alcohol and Reputation do not have me in bondage; I live my life free from inordinate pressures, because at all times I am in charge.

10. I am not afraid to learn, relearn, and unlearn because I understand that I can always become the best version of me every other day. I am committed to self-development and self-mastery.

11. Life challenges and shortcomings are part of life and living thus they do not at any time make me less the man that I am.

12. I am in tune with my emotional core and understand I deserve love, peace of mind and care. I am emotionally mature and so treat others right.

Written 10:41 AM Sunday, July 16, 2017 Abuja, Nigeria
By Jenny Chisom Opara

I have sampled it to guys on the group and they all loved it, said they will record it and abide by it always, while applauding my ingenuity.

So I thought to share with you too.

So we are making history daily. Join us too.