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Lies, Self deception, Value rot: Let's Cook These Lies, Shall We?

Let's Cook These Lies, Shall We?

So on my 'oyibo men' rant yesterday, I got feedbacks like 'oyibos too cheat ' - of course,; 'blacks can also be faithful' - surely ; "oyibos easily divorce and get on to 2nd, 3rd and even more marriages" -why not?

It brings me to my earlier point....most of us cheat because we lie about everything.

If a marriage or even relationship isn't working they discuss with their partners on why they should end it and move on, but here do we even consider our partners worth telling?

We mostly go ahead with our new love fancy while keeping our partners trapped in what is a monogamous lie.

In actual fact, is that not an unsecured' divorce' already?

Who is better?

When they leave one marriage, they go into another marriage but here we may leave a marriage and get into other illegal relationships -type of marriages, damaging destinies with complications everywhere.

 Yet while we are at it, we throw mud slings at them for legalising their next relationship rather than string people along.

We believe we are more religious, and know better. #deceit

Which is better?

If a man or a woman is a sexual freak and knows that he/she is not ready to be monogamous, they don't lie, pretend, take fidelity oats just to settle back into infidelity after 'capturing his/her victim' into a 'marriage'; rather the freaks can discuss and agree to be in a relationship/marriage and yet keep other relationships- (open relationship) instead of break their partners hearts due to failed expectations.

Isn't it better?

Surely, if you open up, and are secure in yourself you will always find an ideal can choose to be in any form of relationship...after all, I've known even lesbians and gays here from when I was a child - yet we pretend they don't exist.

Mine is, oga if you want a monogamous relationship and or marriage, discuss with your woman and be sure, she's also ready....and vice versa.

Choose what suits you, after all we are all answerable to our maker, in the end.

But by all means, let us reduce resentment, mental torture and people going stark raving mad because of mental abuse, fear, disease and waste that comes from low values and its woes.

We have a Will as humans. Set yours in motion, for what you want from life.

Be true.
The lies you live is going to bounce back. You are killing a generation!

By all means, let's cook the lies or better still roast them.

We can't feed on them anymore!

(C) Jenny Chisom