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Masculine Myths Discussed On Facebook: Why We Must Dismantle Such

So last week, I and my Facebook friends discussed Myths about masculinity. Myths because they are lies and some of these lies create stereotypes that demean most men and make them act violently when they find themselves not in sync with some of the popular myths.

These perspectives have destroyed lots of male, so we discussed it and here is a list of some of the myths:

Men should not show emotions. It presents them as weaklings.

Men love sex!!!
Only men eat gizzards
-Men do not cry
Men are polygamus in nature
All men are liars!
The husband must not beg his wife. It must be the other way round.
That a guy should always take care of his girl friend financially.(especially in Nigeria )
Why men cheat is as a result of women
Why men cheat is as a result of women
When a woman is praised,she misbehaves
A man should not cook for the wife.
A man should not wash the wife's "undies"
A man is not ugly if he's rich or wealthy
A real man provides for his woman, he stops being a man any day he can no longer provide.
Men don't talk/ quarrel
Men are always right and a woman is wrong until she cries....
That no woman has the moral right to accuse the husband of infidelity except she was married a virgin
If a woman catches the husband cheating, the woman will leave the house, if the other way round, the woman will also leave.
- All Men love football

Add yours and we would publish.

Special thanks to Felix Nlemchukwu, Marilyn Oma, Fitzgerald Japhet, Vkay Eromose Victor, Chioma Diru, Clement Alban, Godwin Onyekachi Benjamin, Asandia Hogan, Ifeanyi Ezeji, Sandie Ananaba, Henry Ezeh, Nwabueze Ibenyenwa, Maxwell Chijioke, Olumide Komolafe, Oluwafemi, Dotun Roy, Ifeanyichukwu Ezenwata, Ebere Hauwa Uzoma, Chukwuma Okoronta for their contributions to this post.