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Men Cooked and Shared Meal Secrets at the League of Extraordinary Men

Hello Boss,
Today in the League of Extraordinary Men is actually #CookingMonday 

I wrote that:

Like we may know, cooking has no gender role barriers. Cooking is a LIFE SKILL.
Imagine living all your life depending on different women's cooking...not having your own delicacy and knowing how it tastes.


I know Extraordinary men sometimes, if not always cook their favourite meals.
Can we share what "we know how to cook best".
What is the best food you know how to cook?

And right after that, some men shared their best cooked dishes which included Edikan Ikong as shared by Chisom Sam Orji's best, while Henry shared that his best cookery were Egusi (melon), Oha soups and fried and jollof rice and more.

One of them , Ogbebor Kenneth actually went ahead to cook Egusi soup and also stew and shared the picture with us. He posted this:

 "Told you to expect a miracle. Just finished making these...a full pot of stew and egusi soup fried in tomato source. #cookingmonday indeed"

So I wanted to share with you guys how our #CookingMonday worked and what the fall out of the post above was.

Do share with us the meal you know how to cook best, if you are a man.

We can't wait and trust I will feature your cooking post anyday.