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Nigeria's Sexuality Doctor Chukwuma Joseph On Men, Hushed Tones and Sexual Escapades

Let's Talk About Sex....
Sex and sexuality are beautiful gifts from divinity and gifts are meant to be cherished and protected and not to be abused and wasted. They are part of our human and divine essence.
They complete and complement us and make us who we are. They are at the core of our beings as humans.

Both the concept of sexuality and the act of sex are part of our everyday living and experience, but we have been told a lie that they are abstract terms that should be discussed in hushed tones and not openly.

But I am here to break that myth and mindset. How can you not talk about what everyone is interested in and will want to be part of at a slightest suggestive opportunity.
This position we have taken about this sensitive area and aspect of our lives is what has made it the undoing of the high, low and the mighty.
We must break this jinx and begin to talk about sex matters openly like we talk about other issues that affect us without overtly sounding vulgar. But come to think of it is it not because it is not a regular topic that it is tagged vulgar when people talk about it. Think about it my dear reader and you will see my point.
Can we get to the point where two married friends meet and have a general discussion about everything and they talk about their sex lives like they will talk about business, parenting, faith, family and other aspects of life without feeling awkward about it.
Let's look at this scenario. Ben hangs out with John and they begin to catch up on events happening in and around their lives. Then Ben raises the topic. O boy my wife and I had a wonderful sex yesterday night and it was my best sexual experience in recent times. It was out of this world. Hmm. John goes, tell me about it and they gist goes on and into other things and also an avenue for both of them to learn from each other's experiences on how to be better lovers to their wives as it relates to their sex lives. It could be the women in this picture. It is like any other matter. Let's remove the masks and talk about it.
Ponder on this and you will agree with me that we won't have all these sexual scandals around.
It could be a single person walking up to freely to a married person and they will talk freely on how to manage his or her sexuality and maintain sexual purity before marriage without sounding vulgar and stupid.
How about parents talking comfortably with their children about sexual matters without seeing it as grey areas that should not be discussed, thereby saving them from accidents and protecting them from sex predators as well.
I was discussing with a friend the other day about this issue and I told him. Guy I noticed you talk freely about sexual matters and that is how it should be. We were actually discussing in our Igbo dialect and it felt really good hearing him expressing himself freely on that issue. And he said to me Chima, I need to be free so that we don't clutter so many issues. Interesting! My response was I want to be able to talk freely like that o.
That got me thinking and I guess that is one of the things that informed this piece this.
I have noticed that when you don't talk about it openly and freely, it puts you on edge and makes you feel like an alien to your humanity, but when you talk freely, it authenticates your humanity.
Let's get real and be free unnecessary clutters as it relates to sex and sexuality.
I am set on this path to disrupt every of conventional beliefs that have held us bound and cause us to abuse and pervert sex.
I want to demystify the subject of sex.
So I will talk about sex and sexuality any time, anywhere and under any condition for the benefit of humanity. People must be liberated from wrong mindsets as it relates to sex and sexuality.


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