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TANOE celebrates 60 Outstanding SMEs in Ghana

To commemorate the UN International SME Day and the 60th anniversary of Ghana's independence, The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) through its SME Network has released a list of 60 Most Outstanding SMEs in Ghana.

The list, screened from hundreds of SMEs across the country identifies 60 of the most admirable Small & Medium Scale Businesses in Ghana spanning across various sectors including but not limited to Media, Fashion, IT, Manufacturing, Construction, Finance, Services, Tourism, Sports and many more.

Sharing his thoughts on the list, Ekow Mensah, CEO of TANOE and Manager of the Premium Bank HelpStation, mentioned that the contributions and significance of SMEs in any economy cannot be overemphasized, especially in a developing economy like Ghana. SMEs contribute largely to the reduction of unemployment, introduction of innovation, enhancement of market competitiveness and driving economic growth. As such SMEs need all the exposure and support necessary to promote the rapid growth of their businesses hence the list.

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Find below the list of The SME Network 60 Outstanding SMES in Ghana arranged in alphabetical order.

1.       4Syte Studios
2.       A1 Bread
3.       Abrantie the Gentleman
4.       Accents and Art
5.       April June Ltd
6.       Atlantic Catering & Logistics
7.       Babyjet Promotions
8.       BBnZ Live
9.       Bespoke Living
10.   Booomers International
11.   Brave Hearts Expedition
12.   Canal PC
13.   Chapter 1 clothing
14.   Christie Brown
15.   Dreamoval
16.   Duaba Serwaa
17.   EchoHouse Ghana
18.   Eddy's Pizza
19.   Emigoh Ghana
20.   Esoko
21.   Eugo Terrano
22.   Ghana Bamboo Bikes
23.   Golden Palm Investments Corporation
24.   Homefoods Ltd
25.   Horseman Shoes
26.   Hubtel
27.   Insel Communications
28.   IT Consortium
29.   Jobhouse Services
30.   Kharis Media
31.   Kiki Clothing
32.   Kofas Media
33.   Koko King
34.   Lema Press
35.   Logiciel Ghana
36.   Mansuki Ghana
37.   Marie Noelle Spa
38.   Mayniak Sportswear
39.   Media Men Ghana
40.   mPedigree Network
41.   mSimps
42.   Nallem Clothing
43.   Nimed Capital
44.   Ocean Spring Mineral Water Company
45.   OML Africa
46.   Papa's Pizza
47.   Pistis
48.   Plan It Ghana
49.   Quao Realty
50.   Roverman Productions
51.   Saka Homes
52.   SeloArt
53.   Solid Multimedia
54.   Soronko Solutions
55.   Techcom Visions Ltd
56.   TidyUp Ghana Limited
57.   TXT Ghana
58.   Wanjo Foods
59.   Websoft Ghana
60.   Xodus Communications