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TD Jakes, The ManPower Conference and the Jenny Chisom Blog Movement

The ManPower Conference, a Men empowerment aspect of the MegaFest annual conference hosted by TD Jakes is ongoing as I write and I thought to shed a light on its essence in line with the focus of this blog.

First I 'met' TD Jakes through his book "He Motions", 
probably his first book I read after "Woman Thou Art Loose" and he has remained an inspiration not just to his major church constituency and Christianity but in socio-economic sector. His other books that speaks to men are "Loose that Man and Let Him go", "So You Call Yourself a Man?" and "TD Jakes Speaks to Men" amongst others.

As a  black male born and raised with the typical challenges of black men , he has been able to grow to become a beacon of hope, showing light for others to find their own lights.

When I read "He Motions" as a younger woman I was yet to identify the call on my life toward men empowerment and positive masculinity; I thought it as mere curiosity into the "Male code": whatever that means.

After hosting the Men Talk - Relationship event in Abuja with Nigerian Men Resource Technocrat and Media Mogul, Deji Irawo and others on Sunday June 25, 2017, I have began to see where this whole advocacy and facilitating Men Talks is leading. One of the people that is already in a part of the future of what I see for this blog's movement is this Bishop Man right here, TD Jakes. I really seek to explore that.

I spoke to a Lagos based man on phone today through a mutual friend, and after psyching me to determine where I stand in the ideological framework of humanism, feminism or the like, he spotted an agreement in his spirit with what we preach here. So he desperately wants to be on 'my show' he said,  as soon as possible. Hmmnn. He demanded for this without asking if there is a show in the first place. 

Of course, in the online Men community of this blog League of Extraordinary Men, we have had 11 episodes of the "Be a Man Show" but it is time to bring it to motion pictures and more formats. Of course the Jenny Chisom Show was launched in February too on youtube, so that will be getting an upgrade too after 10 episodes. 

So this is also a heads-up for you fam!.

Remember, right here we believe that a man is first of all a human being before he is male and so should be raised as a boy without inhibitions and stereotypes especially because he is a born leader; we believe that women as well as children will be dependent on him irrespective of the marital status he chooses through life.

Here we also believe that a man must not be the gender that has to 'perform' before he can be loved. He should be allowed to grow in every facet, especially emotionally so as to have the right balance in life. Enough of the male victimization while being lied to, that 'It's a Men's world".

Truth is, the family unit and the society will be in more serious chaos if this conversation is not directed at helping men become all they are created to be unapologetically.

I want to say, that the ManPower conference is one event I hope to even attend someday...yes, as a Men Empowerment blogger to further get capacity to help this very important group of leaders - Men.

It is my hope that every man reading this can know that he deserves love, understanding and fair hearing; and I advise that he seeks his fulfillment jealously and exude such positive light on others.

See our past events courtesy of this blog and our Facebook men community

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This got a lot of media buzz and the full gist of what happened is HERE and HERE too


Anonymous said…
We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done a formidable job and our whole
community will be grateful to you.

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