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The Men's Room Radio Show with Onisimi Adada Now Airs on Nigeria Info Abuja

I just discovered that this Radio show known in Lagos is now also airing in Abuja on Nigeria Info 95.1fm.

Yay! By Onimisi Adaba who has added so much value in helping men open up and be supported to be great.

No I haven't met this man yet but I'm so excited. This is just few days after I discovered Justin Baldoni working on a Men TV show also called 'The Men's Room'.


Onisimi Asada with my coach, Ubong King in Lagos
My coach, Ubong King has been interviewed on this Radio show too in Lagos...things are networked, really.

This Men conversation...I love it...
I Revere men
I celebrate you...
Good men make women and children safe and secure.