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The Secret About a Woman That Men Ought To Know

Hello Boss,

Let me tell you a little open secret about a woman and a girl....

A woman is a power house, with uncanny wisdom and strength that she most times may not realise...

She is the refined version of any product you can imagine...

Irrespective of her background especially her not-so-good experiences growing up, she is constantly in search of a leader, someone to brag with, a man she will totally revere and most times draw validation from.

It is not her weakness, it is her greatest strength to find a man to look up to, that is why she seems constantly demanding.

She yearns for more, because she carries more...
She multiplies everything, because she is a help to your life at every stage ....then becomes your 'help meet' in marriage.

To effectively get the attention and reverence of this powerful being, you ought to be a step your self, develop your self and gain self mastery....that's what sucessful leaders do.

She is not materialistic...she seeks security

She is not always annoyingly emotional...she is mature in her expression more than you, sadly.

Have you discovered how much you need a woman through every stage of your life?

....think again, from the woman in that your favourite restaurant down the street...hehehe

Women, women, women...

Your ability to respect and love her determine your life course and success...have you thought about it?

She is powerful and you can only gain her respect and take advantage of the shine she brings to life when you are true...authentic... aware...and not easily manipulated.

See the good in the women around you...and you will draw goodness.

Never objectify a woman as a 'thing'.

Do not even let her make you objectify her either...instead communicate her worth to her if she is lowly...

Bring out the best in women...

Be the leader you were born to a woman genuinely.

Buy a beautiful gift today for the woman closest to your heart.

Thank me later

(C) Jenny Chisom