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Why Empower Men? Jenny Chisom Answers

On this cause for Male Empowerment and being a lone voice in Africa has its own learning curves and its super exciting. People ask me lots of questions and in fact tel me I am confused. Trust me by the time I speak for just 30 seconds they join the advocacy ….hahahahaha

Check out Question from a female Nigerian: I thought to share so I can answer this question in the minds of some others here.

And why should the society spare any time for men in a society that is only just starting to recognize women as co-partners in a marriage relationship?! Men have had their way for generations disrespecting and abusing women! We are barely out of the woods yet and you as a woman are turning around to advocate for these same men...? Such a travesty....!

My Answer:
Great question. I am happy you asked. Let me start from your point that men have had their way for generations and have been disrespecting and abusing women - who gave men their way? Is it just Men or just women or both gender? 

2. Why do men get away with disrespecting and abusing women like you said? Did anyone tell them or raise them to respect women and they refused? 

3. Have men ever been empowered in their minds, behaviour, finances and taught what it means to lead a woman and children in a home? Now, if nobody has ever taught him, why won't he abuse his position? If he knew better, won't he act better? 

4. Who would teach him or at least draw his attention? Should it be men, women or both? 

5. Again, after empowering women, won't they go home to their abusive, 'unempowered' fathers, brothers, husbands etc? 

6. Do you treat the symptom of a problem rather than the cause? To what end? 

7. Don't you if men knew better, women and children will be safer? And violence will die naturally? I'd appreciate honest answers. We may have a lot to learn from this.

The conversation is still on, but what do you think?

NB; I learnt about Empower Men NYC and I love love their code which is why I used it for this post. Truly males are born; men are built.

Picture from Empower Men