You Know How To Make a Girl Blush With Love......

Thank you!

My birthday was on July 5th and even though I couldn't have a party, I was able to do my planned photoshoot, just because I reached out.

I got make up done by Kelly Edeh, my personal MUA, got my hair from the CEO of NextDivaHair, (when she called me I was over the moon, cos it wasn't even part of my wish), then two badass photographers, Onyebuchi of Onyexbuch media did the home photos, and the nature photographer, Kola, did the outdoor photos.

Was it expected?

No way!

 I was just grinning from ear to ear.
Then pizza, chicken rolls and drinks from my senior friend, Ken and then Osi came to take me out for a movie and also virtual reality experience... (2 Edo guys to my rescue that day, LOL).

Don't mind me, it's just a common joke with us...

Not forgetting my sweetheart brother Kelly,  who got me some expensive creme wine on the eve...

Thanks for all your prayers, wishes, love and for those that forgot, I appreciate you too. I know life can be very tasking and you may not have noticed.

Then on that day,  I got featured on venussbay,  as Africa's First Male Empowerment Blogger. Read it here 

And see a few pictures from the photoshoot here if you missed it.

Once again, thank you. 
Happy weekend too.