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10 Interesting Old Age Facts - GeroCare

According to GeroCare, a tech medical subscription service for elderly people in Nigeria these facts are important to note for older people and will help if you are a care giver for an elderly.

1. Farming or Gardening might just save your life. Stay active, exercise lightly, and avoid being sedentary.

2. Cataracts can be treated successfully

3. Your heart is busy

4. Our global population is aging too so you are in good company. LOL

5. Snoring increases in 60% of men and 40% of women due to breathing difficulties after 60 years.

6. Active brain work and games may help stop mental decline. Find a brain tasking game or exercise to do periodically.

7. Abuse is a reality. Some people just feel older people are powerless and might want to maltreat or even hurt them. Do report any sort of abuse to relevant authorities.

8. Positive thinking helps

9. Depression must be managed

10. Your life is far from over. You can even start a new career, and kick start some things you left off. Life is for the living. No need feeling sorry, get on living as much as you can.

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