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5 Things To Let Go Of, If You Want To Live Life As A Happy Man

Photo from "The Man and Himself" Abuja in April 2017

Life and society have a way of making us cling to things that do not matter and keep struggling through life without ever enjoying it. As a man who wants to be the best version of himself and do extraordinary things there are things about our self that you must discover to reach to your deepest happiness and be impactful, healthy and live without dying for nothing.

I tell you the brutal truth, nothing you seek is outside of yourself, and as an extraordinary man, it behooves you to dig within you and mine the resource called YOU that will make life meaningful.

What I am about to tell you will answer your immediate and long term frustrations, that depression
you have become used to and the struggle to be relevant that has kept you working and not even because you want to enjoy YOU.
Note that doing these things will test who you really are, your grit and ability to understand that the universe will cater for you.

Mind you, if all you want to live for is immediate gratification, temporary reliefs, and the rat race life that bedevils ordinary men, then you do not need to keep reading.

But if you are ready to be happy forever, and in tune with your humanity and be celebrated where it matters;

Here are my first 5 recommendations, for you
1. FORGET THE PAST – the mistakes, wrongs and little and huge successes, forget them. Lao Tzu said “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

2. LEAVE THAT JOB YOU HATE – What are you doing there anyway? So who will do what you are good at and bring solution to the world since you have been missing in action? Find a job in line with what you naturally love to do.

According to Warren Buffet “Building up your resume is like saving up sex for old age”.

3. DROP THAT YOUR NEED TO ALWAYS BE RIGHT – All these your gra gra what has it earned you? Think again. You think being crowned the winner of the argument and opinion adds to your life and relevance? You know better. Like T.D Jakes said last Sunday “do not engage in fights where there are no spoils”.

4. SERVE A QUIT NOTICE TO ALL NEGATIVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE – Every single one of them need to go. Let them go. You must be focused and selfish about your happiness to delete those phone nos, quit hanging out with them just out of boredom, call them up and close the case, whatever you need to do. It doesn’t matter who is in this circuit of ‘negative people’, let them go.

5. LET GO OF YOUR NEED FOR CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING – that need to do everything by yourself; know and control all affairs only puts unnecessary pressure on you and your health.
Soft pedal man.
You are no god.
Breathe in.
Let things go.
Accept to accept some things as they come, especially the ones you cannot really change.

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Inspired by Knowledge for Men and written by Jenny Chisom