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Music Alert: IYKTaylor, the 17 years Old Artiste in STAY and SHE'S MORE Singles

  • Here is a 17 years old artiste who totally slays RnB, HipHop and Rap with edifying lyrics and uses real life delights to make good music.

Let him introduce himself:

"I am Joel Dele-Matthews. My stage name is IYKtaylor. I am a kingdom music artiste (singer and song writer). I believe God has called me to use my songs as a tool to change the principles that rule the souls of the natural man by feeding them songs with GOD-guided content . 

I write love songs ,community songs and worship songs. Right now I have more than 20 written songs and 3 produced songs. 

All three are love songs that are born out of real life situations and are guided by ‘God's principles’ without any hint of lust or immorality because the Holy Spirit gave me the words and scenarios . 

When asked what drives his music, he said: "I believe strongly that we are in The Manchild Generation where Christ will be born in His people. God is sending out his sons into the systems of this world to shine forth His light and pull down the systems of this world so that His Kingdom will take over. 

Musicians promoting and championing the Cause of the Prince of this world will be set aside in a few years to come while songs promoting God's Kingdom and values shall be lifted".

His 2 singles here were written to apologise to his best friend and let her know how sorry he is and wants their relationship back.

Listen to STAY Here and SHE'S MORE Here

Very Mature music, I must say...