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Sylvia Mgbechi Opara Nee Ojunta at 60


Warm Hearty Tribute to Mrs. Sylvia Mgbechi Opara Nee Ojunta

It is a great privilege to be born and to grow up to know ones mother and I give God glory for mine.

My mum is the 6th among 9 children of her parents (now late), and her mum was an impactful entrepreneur, industrialist and a no-nonsense empowered woman who controlled wealth and people even though she was married off early and got just a little education via school.

My mother took after her in ideas even though she has proven instead to be a great administrator, civil servant and passionate class room teacher
rather than an entrepreneur.

Teaching and instructing is my mother's greatest skill with which she deploys both in parenting and social life. Becoming born again in the late 80s gave her even a further Jesus world view, so all you need to do to get to hear "why you must give your life to Christ" is just to be within ear shot, or eye shot from my mum. She is that passionate about heaven!

Career wise, she has been a teacher even before I was born and today she retires after 35 years of meritorious service to her country and raising students who have become nation builders and raising us her children too.

My mother ensured we are schooled and also educated.

I forgot to mention that my mum is obsessed about "schooling and degrees" and she lets you see why you need degrees upwardly without fail and in fact judges any wife or husband prospect we her children brings home first by "his/her degrees".

My mum? She is that of a hand full....

Maritally, she is a sterling example of 'submission'...that type that even the Bible may not have meant truly...hahaha and she is blessed to have been married to a man who is 100% family-centric (my father).

My father is a mother and father in one. Kai (story for another day)

My mum is so beautiful and ever smiling that even though she has been through a lot in life, some scary even, her undiluted faith in God eh....we can always bank on.

She smiles through every storm and makes a home from a mere house.

Oh my mum loves nature, so I and my siblings started farming from a young age...chai, my mum is a 'chore driver'! She is sacrificial and very hardworking.

Her love for nature makes her plant and groom flowers easily everywhere, she never stops to remind us why natural flowers in a home (even on dinning tables) adds to long life.

I can go on and on but I want to use this opportunity to tell you that she gave me the best gifts ever - my six other amazing siblings- we are 7 different nations in every sense and expanding the kingdom mandate.

Today, this my mama turn a sterling 60 years and you know what? She is just making a more impactful round in her life, a round to kickstart positive unexpected things. She is free to adventure and has got more love to give.

Today is special because it is both HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to the Matriarch of the Opara Family and a HAPPY Retirement from active service.

60 hearty cheers to a woman of faith who has dared the gates of hell and is set to refire!

Happy 60th Birthday and Happy Retirement Mum!

Celebrate her with us fam!