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What Do Men Really Want In Life?

My friend Benny Umoren just asked this question on Facebook  'What do men really want in life"?

And my answer was

 "Peace of mind but most lack the discipline to be at peace". #Tough

That struck something in me that I decided to share...

Oh yes, what every right thinking man wants is "peace of mind" and trust me they usually seek various ways to get it.

Most get consumed with pursuing money just to validate their manliness, to gain confidence, respect and then feel in charge and at peace. That sequence (that we all said is what he should do) is risky because with it comes defeatist mindsets they grew up with, living to meet up with myths around what masculinity is, stereotyping what their life roles are and they end up doing practically everything they do 'Just to please women'.

Yes, most men just live to impress a women. Sometimes this woman might even be a maid.....scratch that!

I agree we all should live for one another....after all most women also live to 'please' abi serve men....story for another day.

 It's a hideous cycle. Thus the confusion and somewhat cruelty some of them live off.

A man's best bet is to identify how human he is before his supposed male role, then choose a positive life course, dissociate from negative societal pressures and make the right choices in his life daily without trying to play to the gallery or be politically correct.

A man must allow that emotional part of him that truly loves and want to be loved to be expressive - trust me it will take you knowing who you are to be able to exude this and not feel 'weak'.

Most men are purposeless, focusless, confused and living in unexpressible pain because we told them, to just 'man Up'...and gave them no further opportunity to learn, relearn and unlearn.

The world awaits men who can be free from the negatives suggestions in their heads and who can step out in their humanity. Only then can they find real peace and success.

(C) Jenny Chisom