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When A Man Expects His Fiance To Finance the Wedding and Marriage Rites

Oga bros,
So you are planning to marry only if the babe brings at least 90% of the money needed to marry her?
She will bring money for her bride price, pretend you sponsored the feeding, drinks and all and also buy the clothings just because she wants to get married?

Is she marrying herself?
Are you okay? Check your temperature well...

So you have no job, no business, no friends, no family, no social network, nothing at all to the point that you want to be a 'handsomely wedded husband' abi?

One advice: Your wedding card should read "You hooks Her" and she should wear the blazer always in the marriage while you breastfeed.

O dikwa egwu! (Terrible!)

O boy! Wake up from life illusion and be responsible before you ruin your future.

One more advice: 
You will lose all your self esteem and healthy ego in that home because you let her 'marry for you' by 'marrying herself' to stay with you and that deception will flare up into many misnomers due to making the lady feel insecure and you become edgy and maybe abusive. You want respect and want to lead? Then do all within your means (do not borrow ooo) to get married at your level and communicate with her why your style of marriage should be at your budget.

Then in marriage, both of you should plan your financial management without sentiments - let the better manager between you two keep the income and be intelligent to be true, open and secure as a husband when you get to that phase.

You are a leader. Lead your self before trying to get to lead a woman.

Ask questions. Learn. Work. Be True. Plan your future. Be intentional. Be Responsible.

Models: Tiwa Savage-Balogun and Husband