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Young Journalists Forum Dialogue on Youths Engagement in Sport at the Embassy of Ecuador

Ecuadorian Embassy and the Young Journalist Forum encouraged youth’s participation in sport – 25 August, 2017

Ambassador said sports unites the people of Ecuador, though sports in Ecuador is not perfect, government gives scholarships to encourage youth’s participation in sports. He further added that there should be a
national policy for sports in every country to enable growth in the sector.

The Coordinator Young Journalists Forum, Comrade Chukwuma Nzeh, said it is important for stakeholders including Government, Corporate organizations and wealthy individuals to ensure that sporting facilities are constructed across all the wards, in the 774 Local Government Areas of the Federation, to engage young people, so that they would not be vulnerable to influence by the misfits of the society. He added that even if they do not have jobs at least they are engaged in developing a skill and would be looking up to their potentials of being the next Christian Ronaldo of the world.

A presentation by Honorable Ikechukwu Martin Apugo, National President of Great Leadership Advocacy Organization and President of Diamond Football Academy noted that, Youths involvement in sport activity has been positively correlated with academic performance. While participation in high school sport has been positively linked to school grades, school attendance, homework educational aspiration during and after high school and university attendance. It has been suggested that sport and physical activities can play an important role in fostering cognitive development in youth. Hence, programs need to be explicitly designed to teach these habit and critical skills, and coaches need play an active role in appropriate implementation.

Also speaking at the Forum, was the former Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) of Federal Fire Service Mr. Collins Elechi said fire emergencies have wrecked serious havoc in our social economic life as such we must step-up our fire safety consciousness by putting aside our carelessness, apathy, ignorance arising from lack of training and complacency bearing in mind that, fire risk is always present with us and capable of destroying life and property.

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