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15th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs Ubong King: a 20 Years Love Affair That Will Inspire Anyone

One of Africa's role model personalities, entrepreneurs, parents and married couple, the Ubong Kings celebrate their 15th Marriage anniversary today.

This Nigerian couple over the years have become a beacon of hope, empowerment and focused-vision because of their lifestyle of success in every area. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ubong King are excited and fulfilled as they mark their 15th anniversary. 

Speaking to JCB at their vacation resort, Mr. King took almost 2 hours to recount their journey through  a 20 year love affair from 1997- 5 years of which was  a grossly thorny experience externally due to family, friends and associates before they were joined as man and wife on September 13, 2002.

Family, some friends and associates were not  fully in support of their relationship then marriage majorly because according to Mr. King, he was not in any form able to meet up economically to be able to get married. His mum had told him as a matter-of-fact that he must show her ' a befitting house, a car and N500, 000 before she would support his marriage venture". This he knew was out of love but since he was far from having any of those at the time, he faced his quest for his bride unrelentingly for 5 years.

Mr. King traced his story from his decision to lock up himself in a wardrobe to pray God to grant him favour in life. This was his prayer in 1997 and while he did, he said he heard in his spirit "it is not good"...which he finally found out to mean 'he needed a wife".

He lived most part of his life after losing his father at 13 at the mercy of life and at the time he met his wife Unyime, was being accommodated by  "destiny helpers' both while he lived in Akwa-Ibom and later in Lagos. He did not have paying jobs either, or any body to help him. He recalled how he was serving Pastor Abel Damina as security attache at the time and how he met his wife during the call of duty. They soon began serving in the same unit in the church and then became leaders of the group, working closely with Pastor Damina and his wife as young security assistants doing the work they knew best - serving God through serving people.

Mr. King soon relocated for greener pastures to Lagos while his fiancee at the time was serving Nigeria at NYSC in Osogbo. He began menial security jobs, still 'squatting' with another 'destiny helper' while taking responsibility for ensuring his relationship worked out. With his wife collaborating this story of their lives, Mr. king recounted how joining House on the Rock, becoming a worker and finally attending Premarital classes with his then fiancee was a game changer in some sort of way. Then he passionately recalled how getting his mother's and family support to get married was such a issue because his family could not relate with the 'shame' that his lack of resources and wherewithal will cause them before their prospective in-laws.

 The Chairman and Group managing Director of Protection Plus Ltd, and the Ubong King Foundation really had life rough in his twenties and early 30s even running up to after getting married and giving birth to their children.

They still 'squatted' with other families as they could not afford renting their own apartment, until he could afford to rent a room at Bariga at a time, then a 3-bedroom flat at Alagbado which cost N72, 000 (in total N130, 000 including service charges) after they got married and had a child on and on.

August 20th, 2002 with 4 other friends, he first got married to Unyime legally at a registry before choosing September 10th and 13th for the traditional rites and white wedding. He remembered how their honey moon was at a church in AkwaIbom owned by Pastor Emma Isong.

As Mr. King told this story, one thing was constant - he had a scripture that governed his life cause per time and drew remarkable testimonies from their manifestations. Very deep personality and uncommon example for us. 

One of those scriptures were Jer 33:10-14, 19-21 which he saw his life and destiny in and have lived his life accordingly, more like a scripture that is constantly unfolding in his life. He and his wife acknowledged that those scriptures were their daily confessions as they believed its fulfillment at a point in their marital life.

The king's Queen

 Mr. King also shared with us the deepest secret to his goodwill, wealth and success which were his biblical adherence to certain principles of giving - a type of giving that was born out of commitment and not convenience. He actually said their businesses grew like wild fire after he had worked in various security firms, gathered experience and then had started GuardIt then ProtectionPlus Ltd. 

His staff strength is also from a particular source - what he called "people from his father's house" with a must-have requirement- a most-uncommon requirement that has nothing to do with the criteria you may know.

This couple's dedication to each other is skin-deep, and is a factor of deep devotion and conscious commitment with an exuberant love for God. 

People like Pastor Yinka Akingbami, he mentioned repeatedly as one of the key mentors, that they submitted to as a couple. Another was Pastor Tolu. 

Sitting back and listening to this couple at their anniversary vacation apartment last night, we picked a few lessons and we would share with you.

1. When you know who you are and have the right values, you can identify and stick to your God-ordained spouse easily.

2. Marriage is made up of doses of commitment, deep trust, unshaking faith and devotion.

3. Life is controlled by an Almighty God, and having mighty faith in Him guarantees safety.

4. Children are God's heritage and bringing them up by teaching them consciously about faith in God as well as service to humanity is a work parents must do.

5. Opposition does not always mean rejection, all things will work out if two believe stick through it.

6. Service to humanity, and subduing the urge for instant gratification is a goodwill bank that is withdrawable through life.

7. Pride must be kept away in order to succeed.

8. Never let your background put your back to the ground.

9. Start locally but grow global brands.

10. Live life at God's pattern not by people's popular opinion.

Psalm 46:1 is his anchor scripture for his TROUBLE MAKER brand and he is one of God's emissaries that go out to save people - youths being his major focus. 

So many lessons to learn from this quintessential and fiery purposeful couple and while we may bring you more lessons in another post, we enjoin you to join us to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Ubong King.

Enjoy more pictures from their anniversary photo shoot co-ordinated by Amb. Mrs. Unyime-Ivy King, the wife of the King in question.

(This anniversary story was told majorly by Mr. King, thus the sketchy story details on his wife's part. So expect this story through his wife's eye soon')

With their children in a not-so-recent picture