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How To Get a Job in this 21st Century

Hello Boss,

Wake up and show up today!

Looking for a job?
Arm yourself with what you CAN DO well
...typing, tiling, baking, talking, negotiating, selling, smiling, writing, crafting stuff with your hands, fixing stuff, designing, cooking, plaiting, dressing up, teaching, snapping picture, making people laugh, motivating people, cheering people on, reading and correcting mistakes/ errors, digging, washing....etc
I mean whatever...even if you have never been paid to do it before....
Then dress up with a GREAT ATTITUDE and visit the companies or persons that you think need the services of your skill and pitch...(tell them how what you can do will bring them value/profit...)

Pitch baby!
Do not cower!
Be bold and confident that what you can do, is needed and can be paid for!
That is how to get a job in 21st century!
What you can do that someone can pay for....not what you have read, and probably never done.
You getit?

Get on get that job!
Share your testimony soon!
(C) Jenny Chisom