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How We Prepared Men To Fail

I am always grateful for the opportunity to speak to young people with the hope that we can reprogram the many that can adjust their perspective.

We subconsciously initiate boys from an early age into the "hunt" mentality when it comes to girls,so we teach them the right moves, conversation,response, approach etc in pursuit of the lady that catches his fancy.
We have two major problems here, number one a woman is not to be "hunted" like other male
adventures,so the hunt mentality makes women a "prey" and we can imagine the imminent danger of having such a mindset.
Secondly,men subconsciously move from hunter to provider when the hunt is complete.The problem is women mistake the "hunt" for being romantic and loving and expect the process to continue after marriage.
We need to reconfigure our males to understand that you woo a woman and the love and romance continues till death do you part.
It's a tough one but am always willing to try and win over as many as possible.

by Deji Irawo