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I just created my own campaign on Thunder clap and this is what my cause read in part...

I discovered it just yesterday ooo and decided to try the platform and I recommend for digital marketers like me, organisations and institutions. The app service amplifies your campaigns and garners support for it so it reaches a wider audience especially if you do not have a lot of followers yet.

See what I wrote about my cause in part:

"Most men due to some unhealthy aspects of our  culture especially in Africa are victims of permissive upbringing causing them to grow into adulthood with only tales of a past of uncoordination and irresponsibility.

Myths around masculinity like "men don't cry", 'never let a woman get ahead of you" 'real men provide always to retain respect" "you must be in control" "a man must show his sexual escapades" etc did the programming that they struggle to live by to get society's validation and relevance.

We end up raising boys to be emotionless, engage in high risk behaviours, loathe real commitment and set them up for frustration and depression that drives most to drugs, women, violence, seeking money at all costs...and then put women and children and even fellow men at risk.

Now we can hardly sleep soundly due to the effect of dysfunctioning boys and the recklessness that the danger of their lifestyle portends.

The time to rehabilitate men and show boys the right way is now...this blogger is committed to this cause via .

We are raising a team to join the advocacy for male empowerment through reaching out to men, boys and mothers raising boys.

Send an "Interest mail to or call +2348038994417 if interested in supporting or getting support."

Meanwhile I love Thunderclap already!

Goodmorning fam!