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Why Black Men Are Threatened By Successful Black Women

Hello Boss,

My friend on Kevin Oduah asked on Facebook:

Question For Fellas...
Why Do Most Men See an INDEPENDENT SUCCESSFUL Black Woman as a Threat...?

I Contributed by saying:

"It is because most men were not raised to know that women are powerful beings just like men. Most of them were raised with a 'superiority complex' just because 'they are boys', and they see women as 'weaker sex' meaning (in their interpretation) they are not capable of great things.

But as they grow and discover women are humans and powerful like humans, they cower and either get intimidated or become abusive to women in other to 'belittle' them. That is part of the danger of not raising boys to appreciate girls as equal humans. It is important to teach boys to learn to lead their lives in order to be able to lead a woman when he decides for a family".

What do you think?
Guys, why does a woman who finds her humanity, purpose, voice, or makes money send jitters down your spine?

No need to hide, let's discuss it.

PS: You can unlearn that negative attitude and regain your confidence and reset your life to benefit from success and be able to raise equally empowered daughters.

(c) Jenny Chisom
#LeagueOfExtraordinaryMen #RedefiningMasculinity #PositiveMasculinity