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African Women in Leadership To Mentor Young Women Globally Through the Youth Council; Marks 1 Year Anniversary

The AWLO YouthCouncil Anniversary worldwide is here and the excitement is palpable. The Youth council is the arm that mentors young women younger then 35 years old, providing direct mentorship for them. 

In this first anniversary event that will be taking place simultaneously globally, 5 mentors from AWLO mainstream, volunteer to mentor youth council members in a panel/forum setting. Conversations will be open, genuine, profound, and well-meaning and is dubbed 'Conversations with my Younger self'. 

Launch of AWLO Abuja chapter 

In collaboration with the Global Youth Matron , there are 5 Areas in 'Self-Management'  identified to form conversations. There are:
·  Managing your Emotions
·  Managing your Time
·  Managing your Priorities
·  Managing your Energy
·  Managing your Thinking
·  Managing your words
·  Managing your personal life

So the session will be passsionate and impactful.

To be part, connect with AWLO on email and social media via,  and @awloint across all social media.