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African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) Names Jenny Chisom Honorary Member

Mentors indeed make our lives more colourful. It was Ubong King that first said to me

"you should connect with this man who runs a global organisation for women leaders since you two have something in common".

We had the fact that he was a "man leading women' and I was a 'woman leading men' because of our work perspectives. After several months, I finally got an appointment to see Dr. Elisha Attai on his work visit to Abuja last week.

Like a smart girl, I asked him a lot of questions and learnt a whole lot; trust me, that is the best thing to do when you have the privilege to meet great people. I needed to find a firm direction to my cause to build and groom men who are whole and can lead their lives.

Then fastforward to this weekend, while I am still recovering from the launch of Login Bloggers Africa - an institute for bloggers and online content creators that I was privileged to birth as an African movement, I received a mail from the President of Africa's biggest women network with reach in the UK and USA, Dr. Elisha Attai conferring me as an HONORARY MEMBER of the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO).

Yippee!! I am over the moon!

My cause to see to the well being and capacity of boys and men got even more validated when I got to know that African Women Leadership organisation also reaches out to mentor boys.

I thought to share with you guys, my main family, first before social media people hear/read it.

Wish me well and pray that this new status will even help me realise how much of a leader I am and stay resolved to keep inspiring hope in men and mentoring boys with them.

Do you belong to a community of men aged 35 and below, that you would want me to inspire? Contact me.