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It has been a great day. 

At about 7.36am I finished removing the husks and stones normally associated with grains and legumes sold in public markets.
Beans from

I gave it my all, to ensure I dissociate all the unwanteds from that volume I had measured out on my spanking white tray. I remembered as I selected the beans how that tray got to my kitchen in the first place. I used to be a chronic wedding guest until recently (story for another day) , so I smiled as I remembered the wedding event again and kept smiling as I completed my first duty to the beans.

I woke with a crave for it.
I made up my mind to cook it just like I love it.
I dished it and was enjoying my fill when a friend visited, and I dished his too.

It was fun eating it with soaked garri, sugar and powered peak milk. I had been a great and hospitable host today I thought until minutes after what was a sort of brunch (since it was past 11 then) I heard my friend say;
"Kai you actually committed an abomination ooo". Wide eyed I asked "what exactly have i done"?
And he blurted "Who even cooks porridge beans on a Sunday"?
With so much amusement, It hit me.

These are some of the ways, we keep to 'rules' without asking "who even made the rules"? "and why"? Who said it was compulsory to cook and eat Rice on Sunday and never beans?
We seem to dodge questioning things.
"What about these rules I grew up hearing fits my own preference and which should I ditch for something better"?

So many times, we forget the things that matter, and keep trying to play 'safe', play according to the rules even if it makes us unhappy.
We have millions of people who never find the essence between who they are, what they want from life and what others think they should want from life.
I also understand that so called "what society wants from us' can lead to bitter happenings and most times we also keep mute and go through the pain alone.

Just last week I discovered these group of people called URGENT ACTION FUND- AFRICA who provide quick funds for rescue in matters that endanger the lives or rights of women and girls. They help you stand up to the issues or occurrences that want to bend you. I mean they can provide these funding for even 5 hours from time of report. Which organisation looks out for humans like this, I have been thinking?. Amazing social work!.

I need you to join me to kindly SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT to show your support for them on their Facebook page?
Click this link to take action so they will know you appreciate their work? 

See link HERE 

Read more about their work HERE