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I Won Award As Best Blogger of The Year by Indigenous Awards Nigeria

So just a few minutes to midnight yesterday, It was announced.

Best Blogger of the Year!
I did not see that coming. Nominations had been announced with 4 other 'big' bloggers, and we needed votes, so I did a vote mobilisation just once.

I know friends who carried it as their responsibility to canvass for even more votes. 

Then the event which was held yesterday at the Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja and it was a Beauty Contest cum Awards in different categories. The Organisers are Client Fashion and Entertainment.

My Manager Oscar and also Celestina (our associate) was in attendance as I could not attend. 

I actually thought they were pulling my legs when they said I won, till i saw the pictures. Wow! 
I am yet to hold the award plaque in my hands but I want to say "THANK YOU" to you for supporting this blog, reading, and for voting.

I am committed to give you even more.

Let's do more!