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Men Must Learn To Lead: My World Food Day Discovery With Malnutrition in Children

A Man must lead!
Leadership calls for knowledge, sense of responsibility, education, right values and healthy self worth. I'm weeping for what I am learning in Kaduna.

It's #FeedNaijaPikin and issues of child Malnutrition are on the front burner. But looking at the helpless faces of the mothers and then speaking with them, we realised that they are obviously malnourished mothers who do not even get antenatal care in pregnancy because of lack of care from their husbands. These husbands are ignorant basically.

Again, the men just marry as many wives as they can and each of the women birth an average of 6 children without proper care.

Speaking to Bashiru who already has 2 wives and 5 malnourished children, he boldly stated to Blessing Timidi, that he will yet marry more wives and have not even began child bearing. What a shock for me.
Interviewing one of the mothers with her acutely malnourished twin babies over a year old but looking like 2 months old, she disclosed that she has had 10 children with 4 mortalities leaving her with just 6 malnourished children all less than 11 years old.

We must educate, train, equip, empower more men from boyhood to manhood to live better and handle our women and children with a sense of responsibility.
I'm in tears but I'd be fine. Follow my tweets and look out for the main report in a few days here.

Thanks to Nigeria Health Watch and #UNICEF