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Opinion: ROCHAS OKOROCHA: A Controversial Subject for my SELF-ESTEEM Project - Coach Sam Obafemi

Around July 2015, after returning from the United States, the Executive Governor of Imo State, H.E Owelle Rochas Okorocha erected a strategically positioned billboard showing his auspicious handshake with the then US President, Barack Obama. Not a few people felt indignant of that move. It smelt of an intention to fuel some self-pride and achievement. The handshake was a trophy for his excellency.

Indigenes of Imo state, non-indigenes and several individuals probably felt embarrassed. But you see, like Nigerians are quick to point out in our local creole dialect
(broken English, as we call it) 'na your embarrassment?' Lol.

Just a few weeks ago, H.E was hosted to a grandiose birthday celebration. Women from the 27 local governments in Imo state showered H.E with 27 cakes as they marked his 55th birthday anniversary. When I saw his tweet, I replied on tweeter asking H.E if he wasn't sure there was a lacuna with his self esteem.
But what makes me think so?

You see, from my work handling therapies, including my personal recovery from self-esteem related fights, I can see a pattern that is universal: PEOPLE WHO 'SCREAM' FOR ATTENTION ARE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE A SELF-WORTH THAT IS SELF-SUFFICIENT.

This post is NOT about H.E Rochas Okorocha per se. It is a thesis on the symbol that has characterized our polity. We seem to have grown into a frenzy for ACCEPTANCE, APPROVAL & AGREEMENT. It looks like the more we disagree with popular opinion, the more we become recluse and diminished. STANDING ALONE IS MORE OF AN ABERRATION THAN A NORM; that is all I see these days.
Check this out: when a person is routinely dramatic, dresses too loud, acts consistently cocky and makes a lot of extragavant spending or exaggerations in emotional reactions (whether internalized by being withdrawn and isolated or externalized by crying, screaming, or being hostile/aggressive), look closely. Self-Esteem is the fight.

So I am not surprised at the huge sums spent by H.E to erect a life-sized statue of H.E, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma.

H.E had to do what he had to do to be in the buzz again. Create a sensation. Increase social inclusion. Generate mass appeal. These are his intentions. Unfortunately, not all intentions strike the right chords.

In Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), we say that PEOPLE DO BAD (WRONG, DYSFUNCTIONAL, NEGATIVE) THINGS WITH A GOOD INTENTION. (Respects to my trainer Usar Innocent)

Truth be told, Rochas Okorocha has a good intention. I do not know it. I may not admire it. But it does exist. When you have the privilege to listen to the motivation behind these actions, he may convince many more disciplines and followers but hey, how he has gone about it has unleashed a lot of hate and anger. People are screaming: "you have not paid pensioners, salaries and etc". People have said the roads and infrastructure in Imo state are comatose. Perhaps, just perhaps, he got his priorities wrong.

Rochas Okorocha Foundation was incorporated 24th February, 1998. I was in 100 Level in the university at that time. During school breaks, I would not go home to Ashaka Cement Plc in Gombe state. I would rather go to Tudun Wada in Jos to be with my bosom brother, Ramson Emmanuel. And so sometimes we would take a stroll across the secretariat and pass by Rochas' house in Tudun Wada. That was when I first heard about 'one very generous man who gives like there is no tomorrow.' Antecedents show that Rochas Okorocha is a very willing philanthropist. You cannot doubt that. The number of children and women he has catered for from his wealth and patronage, may be uncountable. He has that reputation.

But then, another model of life I learnt from NLP suggests that SOMETIMES WE DO GOODLY THINGS TO HIDE A DYSFUNCTION. Again, like I have said before, I do not know his intentions. Could it be that he is sold out to philanthropy just so as to fuel a need for self-esteem? Is he always in the news and in the face of people just to be in the buzz and be seen to be relevant? He only would tell.


Hello Senator Dino Melaye. Hello Anyone you also know around you...

My point with this post is that: If you did not have the gift, calling, wealth, resources, securities, comforts, families, friends, etc that you have today, WOULD YOU BE INTACT?
Lanre Olusola taught us THE WHEEL OF LIFE in OLCA, and one of the pie of the wheel is SECURITY. It asks: if you lose everything you have today, would you be secure? That job, that business, that parent, that car, that house, that friend, that spouse, that investment, that asset, that 'anything' you hold so dear... would you still be self-same person we know?

The Self-Esteem issue is far beyond a PERSON or a POST. It is a dastardly experience. I suffered this for 28 years before I got delivered to live my own code. In fact, I am still fighting some mind battles and self-esteem demons. Are you finding out ways to cure?

The subject of finding Happiness, building Self-Esteem, pursuing Personal Peace & living Serene is what I am devoting my 2018 to sharing. IT IS A FIGHT FOR SAFE MENTAL HEALTH. I am willing to help you IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE IT. To get help, please CLICK and LIKE the page SOBCAonline now and follow posts there.

I admire the grace of the tenacity and life of Rochas Okorocha. He is far more accomplished than many of his contemporaries. I also admire the tenacity of your own life, dear reader, but I am very sure when I advise you that THERE IS NEED TO REFUEL YOUR SELF-ESTEEM ALL OVER AGAIN. Start from today. You will thank yourself for it.

This post is the property of Samuel Babatunde Obafemi and #SOBCA(#SOBCAonline). It may be shared, reproduced and extracted from without permission but must remain unedited. All views are my personal views and I take responsibility for every word written. The interpretation hereof is your responsibility.
Samuel Babatunde Obafemi is a Therapist, Businessman and President of Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy (SOBCA). He is also the Owner of #TheSerenityPlace and Convener of a WhatsApp group called #TheSerenityGroup. To connect with him, follow Twitter/IG: @sobafemi or email