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This Issue of Girls Are Less Privileged Is Not Totally True...Boys Too are - Ethel Marfo

So I just found this Lady, Ethel Marfo and reading reports of her speeches across platforms on male development, I found out we have same ideology. I love to see more people speaking up for the largely-neglected male child. Marfo runs an organisation for this cause called Young Shapers Africa.

Ghana web posted this about her: Read

A male development activist Ethel Marfo has raised concerns about the growing rate
of streetism and social vices being carried out by men, a situation she describes as being a result of the negligence of the boy-child.
The founder of Junior Shapers Africa observed that all the attention was being directed towards the development and empowerment of the girl-child, leading to detriment of boys.
According to Mrs. Ethel Marfo, equal attention should be given to both sexes at their developmental stages. She noted that when girls are over empowered to the detriment of the boys, the girls grow up to be successful and educated but may end up marrying men who are under-nurtured and this will result in broken homes and increased abuses and vices.
“just as we complain that there are girls who are not in school, who are less privileged, we have equally boys who are less privileged and who are also vulnerable, not in school, who are uneducated, who can cause more harm to educated girls, so I believe that we should empower them equally”, she stated
The male development activist was speaking at the annual conference of Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana themed ‘*Cause* Related Marketing; A panacea for national behavioural change.

“… this issue of girls are less privileged is not totally true. We have boys who are also less privileged and if we say we are empowering girls now and leaving boys behind we’ll girls growing up and marrying down, marrying who is available…” Mrs. Marfo stressed.

Note: I particularly agree with her on the fact that "this issue of girls are less privileged is not totally true...". Boys are too. Again how scary it is becoming that we empowered girls are having to 'marry down' and 'settle' for less, due to this dangerous over sight.