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What Radio Fans Teach Us About Brand Building and More

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I was paying attention to a radio call-in show days back.

The dial was Brilla FM Abuja...then this call came from a man who said he lives in Jikwoyi (a surburb in Abuja)
Well, he explained that he has been missing the radio shows/programmes because the signal no longer gets to that district. He explained desperately that he has to drive out to another district to get the signal and listen in.

He went ahead to task the presenter to relate to the radio station managers to do something fast and the OAP promised me soon action.

As I thought it, yet another caller called in with exactly same complain and from same Jikwoyi. I was wowed.
You may say, it is because it is Brilla FM and most men love football...but it could be Wazobia or any other station, because I know they have die hard fans like these too.

If you know Brilla FM in Nigeria, it's an all-sports radio station and they have done well for their niche.
That got me thinking about how people who know your services, believe in it, trust it, and has tested it, can do anything to remain loyal to your brand.
Most times we are in a hurry to make an impression and quit just at the flicker of disappointment. We do not remember that life must test your vision before validating you as rock-solid, worthy of patronage and favour.
There are people who through sheer doggedness and being true to their promise has consistently seen the impact that they have on humans. Most of such brands don't even go for media hype.
Like my former pastor would say, "Go make news, not noise because people who make news, hardly make noise".
That should be our collectively aspiration and I am giving myself sense ooo.
Thank you for all my friends here that supported that Urgent Action Fund for Women organisation I found, when I wrote about my Beans Porridge on Sunday.
If you have not shared or even read about that awesome women fund organisation, kindly follow this link to the page, and simply LIKE, Share or Comment, and you would be making my day.
Let us celebrate those who make news and not noise.
See the link to engage by CLICKING HERE

Thank you

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