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Creative Art Development: Bending and Bonding Stage Play by Debb Media

Just like the love for cinema was awakened with Nollywood in the last 5 years, stage play has also picked up in Nigeria. Abuja seem to be the hub for varieties and lovely performances for stage plays and spoken word performances too.

So I went to watch the stage play "Bending and Bonding" last weekend (Saturday) and was so impressed. 

#BendingAndBonding is a comic that throws shade on ingenuine women empowerment and has sub themes of trust, status, empowerment, family, friendship, religious deception and is hilariously PG 18.
Well acted.
Great story line
Great lessons

This was a Debbs Media production led by Chioma Ezeani and the directed Stanley Chukwuemeka Okereafor. Meanwhile the main female character was also 
Chioma Ginny Ezeani and starred other stage veterans.

A dance performance just before the play

This play showed three times last weekend, at Merit Award House and had a turn out of the best of Abuja young professionals, bloggers, fun seekers and industry experts.
A Musician who rendered Travis Greene's "Waited" just before the play

The Debb Media production earlier in the year showed "The Wives" so Bending and Bonding is a great addition.
Cross section of audience

The Cast and Crew saying their "Thank You"

This play brings to bear the very salient lesson with misguided women empowerment and the cause of broken homes that has become even fashionable.
The mix of comedy in a very serious plot and well delivered is not an every day come by and I recommend this play for every city.

My weekend was fun you see?