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First Aid For Development: A Knowledge For All


I have been attending a Health, Safety and Environment week series of workshops in a top notch organisation in Abuja as a consultant, and my head is literally spinning in a happy way at the things I am learning.

One of the many things is how to administer First Aid.

Do you know I can help an accident victim now? Whether he/she is a baby, child or adult who is unconscious or in any circumtances?

I know a few things now about being a helpful First Aider...not the kind that worsen issues for a hurt person due to ignorance while meaning well.

What to do to revive someone who is unconscious but breathing and the one who is unconscious but not breathing, I know.

If feels like have some kind of super powers! LOL

I now know that, like I feared, we must have buried some people alive because sometimes we confirm them dead ourselves because they slipped into unconsciousness and so not breathing and such like.

Sometimes we have compressed some people's chests in a bid to help but ended up snuffing life from them. It is always good to involve an expert Safety official in such cases, so we can save many. Swift timing is also key which is why we need to know too.

I have always had my fears about these things and the Safety Official who facilitated, demonstrated and showed us practically how to help people regain life.

This learning has kept me wondering that we have a lot to do to teach one another about First Aid, content of a First Aid box and how to use them (Iodine is a No No from that box by the way). We also need to know how to open up the airwaves for people who are unconscious and who to attend to first when you have 1. Someone bleeding, 2. Someone burnt and 3, Someone unconscious.

And guys, you know we ladies expect you to always come to anyone's rescue at most things in life, so learning about First Aid will suit you even though I am learning and of course every woman needs the knowledge to be able to help anyone even her babies in matters of emergency just before jetting off to the hospital.

I am here wishing I can actually demonstrate what I learnt with a mannequin for you to see and for some safety experts here to 'score me' too. LOL

So let me throw this question to you. Who should be attended to between accident victims who are
1. Bleeding
2. Unconscious
3. Burnt in their bodies?


Thanks to Ezekwesili from the KJV team for inviting me and thanks to Petroleum Equalisation Fund Mgt Board for the Initiative.

Photo by Koi First Aid Kit


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