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"...How I Wish Nigeria Gave You A Chance At The President..." - Goodheart Ekwueme

 So I have been waiting for Late Dr. Alex Ekwueme's Son's Tribute to his Father and I just got it off Facebook. Here is Apostle Goodheart Ekwueme's heartfelt tribute to his role model father, who was Nigeria's first Vice President ever.

My “Hero” is gone with the wind..!!!I knew you would ‘someday’....but perhaps always (unconsciously) took it for granted that the ‘someday’ would be a little later..!What a ‘perfect gentleman’ you were.

The life’s lessons I learnt from you are too numerous to mention. Do I start from humility, love and service to God and mankind?. Do I mention your selfless and forgiving heart for those who wronged you along life’s journey?.Do I mention your amazing drive for excellence and hard work?

What about your amazing intellectual prowess that seemed to make you tower high above your contemporaries.You were simply a ‘genius’ that seemed to somehow know a little bit about every imaginable subject matter. You seemed to have held your ground in any discussion. Your MIND was amazingly sharp even at age 85 you would go down memory lane pulling out facts,figures, names and faces that you hadn’t come across in over 30-40years. Your memory and mind at 85 was an envy of many much younger than your age!

You taught me what it means to be content, simple, modest even in the midst of abundance and the many blessings of God in a man’s life. You encouraged and challenged me not to settle for mediocrity and ‘second best’ at anything I m called to do for God or for humanity.

Among the many “wishes” I had for you, one that trumps my list is that “How I wished NIGERIA gave you a chance and a shot at the PRESIDENCY of our great nation! Just perhaps, our lot and present situation in our dear Nation May have been a whole lot different today than it is?You seemed to have had what it took to have possibly stirred our dear nation in the right direction of progress,growth and development!”

IDEEE....!! You live on in the many people who embraced your ideals and philosophies of equity, Justice , de-tribalism,fair play etc. You exemplified to Nigerian politicians that Politics can be done without bitterness and politics is indeed a response to a call to service rather than a “Do or Die affair”...!

Thank you for releasing me with your FULL BLESSINGS to serve God and humanity in my own generation! My prayer is that I would be indeed found faithful at doing exactly so and by so doing bring great honor and delight to my Heavenly Father and to you my biological father.

Your LEGACY lives on..!!

Good night DAD.😇