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How LOGiN Bloggers Africa Relaunched #BlogSmart in Abuja For Bloggers

I love to see people, nations and projects develop, and add value. My journey to Blogging Community development began in 2013 while I was still on a paid employment. The aspect of blogging that I have also always been an advocate of, is monetization - making real money doing what you love. Empowerment comes naturally to me and it has propelled me to share my knowledge with others, because I am a life long learner.
So we relaunched the #BlogSmart monthly learning system on Friday, October 20, 2017 at the Ventures Park.

Welcoming Our special guest, Dr. Sam Ikoku with Dotun Roy and co

It is a Free to Attend event that holds monthly providing capacity for bloggers and online content creators and it
is a forum to learn the business side of things. My energy has gone into this aspect because I understand what an average African entrepreneur have to go through and bloggers are the never-do-without conscience of our societies, so empowering them is key.
Arriving the Ventures Park and relating with staff

We had the amazing Dr. Sam Ikoku teach on Digital Opportunities and How to Earn a living, it was a fireworks session and all 37 participants are fired up to use their blog as tools for nation building in their sector. At #BlogSmart we do not entertain hobby bloggers.

This monthly event is our open event from the entire LOGiN Bloggers Africa's projects and is a franchise event that we hope to see in all major cities in Africa.
Opening sessions

Dotun Roy telling about LOGiN Bloggers

Our event moderator, Haruspice

Performing  a poem

Samson sharing about The Ventures Park

The Panel session/ Question and Answers

The "I want" session