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I Lost My Only Surviving Grandparent - Mama Ukachi Opara

It is the end of an era!
I lost my only surviving grandparent few days ago and as we mourn and celebrate her, it calls deep memories to my mind.

The only mama that always welcomes us home with vegetable soup and is always by her fire side making food and taking care of us all.
Even when old age took a more weakening toll on her health, she has been the rallying point for us all- the reason we all get home. There's something about mothers, especially grandmothers that spells H.O.M.E

My grandpa, Late Joseph Opara married this fresh, tall (as in mode tall) fair woman and died just 4 years after she had given birth to his last son and 2 weeks after I was born in 1980.
She was my only surviving grandparent on both of my Abia and Imo states parentage since I equally lost my maternal grand ma in 2004.
Today, I just want to toast to a life well spent and as I pray for the courage to bear the loss especially for my Uncles and Aunty, I want to keep in mind that life is in stages, and may we all do our LIFE call before it pleases God to take us home at his time.
Adieu Mama Ukachi ( I wish you waited for me to make plenty money and spoil you)
Adieu my grand parents

I carry all your DNAs of success and commit to serve God, the nation and humanity with it.