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Men Need To Be Mentored And We are Committed

Even though I'm busy with bloggers and all, I must remember to say to those wondering why the turn of tides.

You see, we didn't empower the male child in preparation for the recent rise in women and girl empowerment.

That's the cause for the hullabaloo.

Most men have found themselves at a loss, unsure what to believe and not even sure they can match up. He's been raised by men and women to think he is super human and the superior being.

Men especially, just before they get married need to be mentored and coached to unlearn toxic masculine tendencies. This is to curtail violence on husbands and wives as well as help some men not to marry from a place of  low self-esteem

From boys to young men, we must wake up and help a son.

At Jenny Chisom Blog we are committed and need you too.

I'd be back.