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Planning Bloggers Party Abuja: The Goodybag offer

GoodyBags For You!🎒🎒🎒🎒

I can smell Christmas and it also reminds me of our bloggers party which ends the year for us as bloggers in Nigeria.

In 2013, I started organising Bloggers End of Year parties and with the support of hotels and event places like Lamonde hotel, House 43, and Sandralia hotel and many others brands we have hosted CEOs, celebrities, friends and well wishes as bloggers in a yearly exclusive fun filled event since then.

This year our organising committee has set to work and the line up of guests, performers, brand associations and more are interesting.
It has been rebranded "Bloggers Gala and Awards" - it's bigger!

Some bloggers are booking flights to attend from outside Abuja and are notifying us.
This happens every year, no kidding!

So now, our GoodyBags are the part where you may come in cos it's juicy and a great way for your brand to go viral with genuine reviews.

The Bloggers GoodyBags contain products, souvenirs, gifts and more from companies, brands and products lines. 👓🌂👒👕👘⚽🥊🎳🎮⛱💻📱⏱📙🔐🔍 Bloggers will as always write/make videos about your product thereby giving your products/services a further online boost.

Who wouldn't love that?

So do you own a product line, offer services of any kind or even have a technology offer, and would want to gift your products to all bloggers attending with a publicity in return?

Contact us through 08039137252, 08057433374

The GoodyBags offer closes by Nov. 24 to enable us brand inclusively.

Wanna email us instead, it's via

Welcome to Monday!

One more reason to be motivated!


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