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The Male Empowerment Perspective on Husbands Killing, Rape and Slavery in Africa

So many thing have happened and are still happening yet I haven't written anything....

From Husband battery and killing being justified in some quarters, to rape being made a #BlameMen issue instead of a human right issue for both gender, to Libya slavery of Africans...

I know the world is not going to get any saner, but as we continue the activism these 16 days, let's not forget that men and boys are not enemies to us, women and girls.

We deal with dysfunctions both ways. Let's speak up for human rights and equal empowerment if not, the more we sweat in one-sided empowerment, the more we realise we may be losing the battle on all fronts.

When husbands are killed by wives or men begin to be apprehensive of the marriage union for any reason, such wives in the act become murderers and go mentally ill from the attitudinal backlash of their partners.

When a woman is raped by, of course, a dysfunctional male, we should bemoan the tragedy of a woman and the loss of a man thus seek justice and punishment that provides adequate corrective therapy geared towards regaining both the man and the woman for betterment of society.

It takes a 'raped 'man to rape a woman.
Rape in this context being any form of violation by other men and women. Some men are also raped on a daily basis and sexually harassed to stupor. These sad occurrences must stop!

But how?

Our African men are being sold and resold as slaves, imagine the horror the women in their lives are going through every waking morning.

Let us break this cycle of chains especially the chain that removes humanity from our advocacy and activism.

Men and boys just like women and girls need to be secured and empowered to be whole members of society and in turn protect women and children.

If we do not tackle boys and men now...after ignoring them and believing erroneously that they were born empowered for decades, I am afraid for our daughters and then our sons!

I resolve to give mine a role model father - a whole man, who would be their example against the toxic masculinity society provides.

Let's End Violence Now!

#MaleEmpowerment #BoysMatter #WeNeedMenToRise #GroundedMenProvideSecurity #WomenAreSafeWithOnlyEmpoweredMen #EndViolenceNow #NoToSlaveryInLibya #NoToSlaveryInHomes


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