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Women Empowerment Is Illusionary - Emeka Nobis

I just read that my friend Emeka Nobis will be speaking at the Women in Leadership Conference and if you are in Lagos, you need to atend.

He is sharing on something so close to my mind and the reason I am committed to advocating for male Empowerment.

Because Men are not the enemies of women and the clamour for women empowerment with a mindset of 'men are evil' is really counter-productive and I believe really  an illusion like Emeka Said.

Read how he announced it here.

Women empowerment is illusionary!
What is there to empower?
To me, the power already lies in all of us - male and female.
To me, the issues are two fold - culture and religion.
When I was growing up, parents flogged a male child that came second in class to a female. Quite ironically, parents whose female children came first in class rejoiced even when they had male children.
Isn't it hypocritical of us to have male and female children and then assign some as superior?
Any wonder that the man is groomed to see the female as beneath so much so that the female needs permission to excel and shine?
Coming to religion, did He not make them male and female? When he did so, did he tell the man to put the woman underneath and trample? A rib from his side, what does that mean?
People, without a systematic understanding of the Pauline epistles, latch onto such scriptural verses and mouth segregation in the house of God. They take Apostle Paul as their godfather while others on the other side of the divide see him as a chauvinistic idiot without regards for women.
I'll be sharing my thoughts at the WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Conference, Lagos.

To see the bio of all speakers and panelists, click

Date : 25th November, 2017.
To register and participate, please click

PS Do attend please and tell us about it afterwards if you are in the Lagos region.


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