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About Stephen Hezron: Nigerian Urban Contemporary Gospel Artist

Stephen Hezron is a Nigerian urban contemporary gospel artist and musician, whose backup singers are called Grace Level Praisers, stylized GL Pee. He started music in the early Nineties as a Bassist and has evolved into a phenomenal praise machine.

Stephen Hezron understands that if anyone is going to preach Grace and Redemption in the 21st century, he must have to relate it to everyday life and show it in a style that communicates effectively to all ages.

The praise medley, GREATER is a combination of three common traditional songs sung everywhere in Nigeria, and Hezron, has tweaked them into a fusion of one urban feel, complete with his style of spoken, sung, and shouted accompaniments.

Hezron, is a graduate of Building from the Prestigious University of Jos, Nigeria. While at the University, he served as the Music Director in his Local church choir, the Renowned Oasis of Love Church, Pastored by Rev Gloria Mokungah. This role afforded him the opportunity of learning under the musical Great, Dr. Panam Percy Paul, whose mentorship he proudly always refers to as the eye opener.

He has continued to serve in the Music department of any Church he attends, and presently he serves as an Assistant Music Director in the House On The Rock, The Refuge, Abuja.

Hezron has worked in different fields ranging from being a Site Building Engineer, to Facilities Manager and currently sits as the Executive Vice President of WaterHill Resources Incorporated and CEO of Hez and Hez Consults.

As much or more a preacher, choir leader, master of ceremonies, and a Praise and Worship leader as he is a straight-up singer, Hezron's strength is in understanding how to put gospel and praise songs over to a young 21st century audience, and with his featured group GLP, he freely incorporates hip-hop arrangements and urban beats into his musical renditions. 

GREATER, produced by Roy Ubieme expresses how our God is the greatest of all, and how He can do all things.