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Christmas eve Blogging training ended early hours of today.

One of the major participants has set up his blog logo, started writing proposals to industry players that his blog covers and is generally excited about what he learnt from the "Blogger Audio Class" in just few hours.

He is not a new blogger, but just started off in the right direction today.

The transformation in mindset that brought about the renewed energy for him to act and see his blog as a valid business is so heartwarming.

Once again, information applied is power!

Christmas is tomorrow, are you getting in to celebrate with a deep fulfillment in the priced aspects of your life?

Like Sam Ikoku, every house built was first planned and drawn before it is built, every event was planned before it held, why is your life not planned and thus not working out?

Everything in life is created twice. Maximise yours. Plan your life, then begin to live it!

Guys, plan your life and let it guide your career choices, wife choices, church choices, and all choices, so you do not regret like most men do, later in life. Create your Vision Board and let nobody convince you that you cannot succeed at your terms.

Let's succeed together!

I am passionate about seeing bloggers impact their communities by first monetizing their blogs. I am also focused on seeing more men grounded and empowered to lead from their advantage for society's delight.

Your boo's bae, *wink