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How To Blog The Christmas Chicken!

Hehehe, you read me right!
You can't be eating chicken and your blog is suffering Malnutrition na! Haba!😁

Working with my slim team on the plan we have earmarked for next year, I got an eureka!

Usually, I get to tutor beginner bloggers and organisations to set up their blogs; my fav class aspect is getting bloggers to create a business strategy that works!

I decided to do that in a more compact way so opened up the CSMBB course 2 weeks ago! It's a 14 days course that kicks off on Jan 2, 2018. While that is filling out...

I have been clogged with blog questions from other bloggers especially around knowing the niche with the riches, AdSense, how to market your blog, content creation and some have even asked that I review their blogs and I thought we can wrap that up before the year wraps up!

Cool, yea?

So this is it!

I'm admitting just 25 bloggers who want to ask ALL their questions, around blogging and making 2018 impactful in closed group.

I will answer questions individually and give you the recorded version to replay at will.

Give you tools for blogging smart and making impact and even if you are not blogging news like me, how to make the money.

All your questions will be answered and you will also be OFFERED to join a Mastermind group for 1 year.

Are you game?

Wanna eat your Christmas Chicken while your blog feeds fat too?

Get in here at just N5000 payable to

0024473443, Logos Audibles Enterprises. Diamond bank.

Offer is open till 3pm on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

Course holds Tuesday, Dec  19 from 4pm to 9pm!

It's a blog cocktail party online!

I know you are grateful! After that amazing session weeks back and then this!✌🏽

Just get in, cos I have 3 slots taken by my bugging friends already.

22 slots to go!

N5000 only!
0024473443, Logos Audibles Enterprises. Diamond bank.

It's Christmas and the fragrance of it is the reason I'm doing this give away!

One more thing!

Do me a favour, kindly send this message to a blogger you know who is almost giving up, or do not know how to make a living blogging.

Payments confirmed will guarantee a link to join the class online!