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That Denzel Washington Effect: Our Exclusive Men Talk

So many things I can write about this picture but let me focus on one.

You see, when the world sights a well built, well dressed, kinda confident and then handsome man even before we hear him, perceive him or know his true self, we give him a pass mark, a nod, an approval and even a chase.

Especially for women like me, he also passes off as someone to respect, and depend on - for love, kindness financial assistance, wisdom, and more... Just naturally...

As a man, somehow you are put in a pedestal, because you are male. Scratch that!

We know it can be a daunting task to try to meet up to that huge expectation, but you can  meet up at your terms, your way, without responding to the pressures... We give you the exclusive doses of How on #JCB starting from tomorrow.

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