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They Call Me Boss But Most Times It's A Symptom

This 2017 dear men, you should drop the thinking that a woman should not have an opinion, or she should be only interested in chewing gum talk and not development or global business.

Why do some men think those subjects are the reserve of men? Wrong wiring?
It's same reason, such men cower when they sit in boardrooms with women and know for a fact by their mindsets that they can't toast them.

In their minds, she's a career woman and can't submit! Really?

Same reason, you call such women 'boss' or 'boss lady' even when she hasn't even started her work on earth fully. You decide you can't handle such a woman aside work related matters. Have you considered why?

Same reason you think women who are not interested in just talking about shopping, kitchen, getting money from you, scheming to get you and looking blank when you are discussing politics are 'tough' 'man like' or even not wife materials.

I know it's not entirely your fault but you must make an effort to see empowered women as humans and help empower those who haven't found their feet. That's one of the attributes of a redefined man with a healthy masculinity.

Real men, empower women and girls! They don't think them as lesser humans and then feel inferior or insulted when they become successful and have a sense of personal leadership.
This right here is the missing link we need to close in 2018.

(C) Jenny Chisom