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This Thing Called Rape; Common Sense Guide For Men - Oluwatobi Adesanya

Don’t you wish that for the next 365 days reports of rape will seize all over the world?
Every. Damn. Day. We hear of some fresh reports in the news, or just down the street, 4 blocks from where you stay.
Who are the perpetrators?
This thing that dangles within our legs doesn’t have a mind of its own, it is still the same brain with which these men hustle to make money, fix their faulty car, quote scriptures that they rise up to violate the women they have the ‘opportunity’ to take forcefully.
In the end it always seems like the penis has a mind of its own, sort of like casting a spell on the man whenever a ‘worthy victim’ shows up in his ‘circle of power.’

Take note of all the words in quotes, they are intentional.
I believe men are also victims of rape. I’m talking about that of the mind. We’ve been raped out of our innocence into an awareness of sexuality in a lewd way. The mind of the average man has been raped by the sexualized culture we live in.
The media doesn’t help either. When men want to listen to some music, their ears are hitching for something cool and their souls for something calming, but what do they get? Women scantily clad whining their waist and shaking their ‘assets’ to the beat of the songs.
Every which way a man turns, he is sexualized. He is taught that that thing between his legs is what makes him a man. He is taught that women are objects for his taking, objects for his sexual pleasure.
Sad. Very. Sad.
We made ourselves so.
But, we cannot stop the narrative here. The mind is the engine of our sexuality and not the rod that dangles between our legs, so we can change our minds about this.

Let me tell you a little story…
I’m sure you know this story.
You know the man Joseph. Let me get a little preachy. He had an opportunity to sleep with his master’s wife. She kept on persuading him day-after-day, but he just wouldn’t budge.
Here was a man who was being offered sex with no strings attached and at no cost, yet he said NO. He referred to this as “Great wickedness against God”
I thought to myself, “If consensual sex could be referred to as WICKEDNESS in the sight of God, how much more rape? Or taking a woman without her consent….”
That could be murder. Women who have been violated often say the men become like beasts when the women are forcing their way out of their hands. How true!

Men listen up again.
You need to decide for Sexual Purity. You need to decide NOW. If you have decided to keep your penis tied up till your marriage night, you won’t be accused as a rapist.
Imagine the surname “Rapist” attached to your name. It may not get in the news, but it will be in the heart of the lady or ladies you violated.
If a woman throws herself at you, don’t call it opportunity, FLEE, RUN, TAKE TO YOUR HEELS.
I thought to myself, “If consensual sex could be referred to as WICKEDNESS in the sight of God, how much more rape? Or taking a woman without her consent….”
If a woman comes visiting you as a friend, she is not asking for sex, she is simply visiting. If she initiates anything, SEND HER AWAY. It is your house. You must maintain your purity. Or to be polite, leave the house for her.
If a woman asks for help, don’t ask for her body. If you can provide the help, please do and let go. You may not reap from where you sow, but you will always reap what you sow, and it will always be greater than the seed you sowed.
If you raped a girl, you have damaged someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, future wife, and future mother.
This thing called rape can end. You can be the example that other men can look up to.
Let’s protect our women.

Oluwatobi Adesanya is a ghostwriter, author, and the Creative Director of Heart2World Publishing.