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When Submission is Scam!

Dear men,
Why do you think girls/women should all be quiet, reserved, shy and maybe timid...don't you know that some girls' natural temperament is extrovert?

Or you think men are extroverts, women should be introverts...

That I am an introvert does not mean all women are natural introverts. Ask Coach Peterson Adeniyi about personality types and you'd see what I mean.

That taken, why do you also think every woman you meet should submit to you or even respect you? Just because you are a man?

In marriage, use your leadership skill to choose a woman you can love and who will submit's your call, nobody can do it for you!

In order not to be disappointed and treat other women shabbily, don't believe every woman is to submit to you. Your wife should.

On the flip side,
Are men not submitting to women everyday in workplaces, class, friendships, and even in marriages?

Anyone submits when he or she finds superior thoughts and behaviour...we all respect that.

(C) Jenny Chisom


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